Wafeeqa's NYC Fashion Shoot

New York City is full of cool locations and hidden gems, and it’s always exciting stumbling across them while roaming around. Wafeeqa and I were doing an urban mini photoshoot, and instead of planning it all out, we decided we’d be spontaneous and go on a walk. Right as we started, we saw a (mostly empty) bus parked on the side of the road. Knowing that this bus was about to leave we ran to the bus and asked if we could use it for a couple photos. Thankfully the bus driver agreed, and we started shooting. The photos came out so cool, it was so hard to pick our favorites - but we narrowed it to the two pictured below

After that we walked to Columbus Circle and took some photos there as well. One of my favorite things about this location was the fact that it was both green and still urban. I usually shoot in nature so this was the perfect way to incorporate some nature into a city shoot. It was such a beautiful day, and I really love how the mall in the background creates a gorgeous backdrop

After this we walked around a bit more and decided to incorporate some of busy New York City into the background. The wind was blowing so perfectly and added such nice movement to the photos. Overall, I really feel like this mini shoot turned out amazing! We were both so happy with the outcome!

How to Have a Successful GLITTER Photoshoot!

One of my dear friends, who also happens to be a model, came to me a week before Valentine’s Day with an amazing idea. Instead of doing a basic lingerie shoot, she wanted to gather a couple girls and cover themselves with red, pink, and purple glitter. What a fun Valentine’s Day alternative!! I loved the idea and immediately started trying to figure out how we were going to accomplish this! It took a lot of creativity but we figured it out and now I’m sharing it with you! Just so you know, this post contains affiliate links to products. I am only linking items that I have used and approved of. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but it does not impact your purchase as a buyer.

1. Glitter

The glitter that I got and can 100% vouch for was Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter and Mehron Paradise Glitter. I found both in a small makeup store but you can buy the Mehron Paradise glitter on amazon here. They have a bunch of different colors to choose from! It was very fine glitter so it seemed like a lot, but I wish I bought one more container per color! I bought about 1.25 oz of glitter per girl, but it didn’t cover their whole bodies like we had hoped. If you’re looking for full coverage I would definitely go for at least 2oz of glitter!

For hair, we used a more chunky aloe vera based glitter gel. While the exact one we used isn’t on amazon, these are some safe similar options here and here.

Just as a quick note, be careful when buying glitter online! Make sure that it is okay for face/body use or else it can cause irritation!

2. Clear Hair Gel

This is used for turning the loose body glitter into something that you can paint on! We used this specific one and I can vouch that it worked well on everyone’s skin (even on sensitive skin). We emptied all the glitter into a container and then put about 4 spoonfuls of gel to mix. We were eyeballing it so when doing this step, go with what feels right! You can always add more gel if you need!

3. Paint brushes

To paint the glitter onto everyone, we used large paintbrushes. You will need one per person/glitter color! Here’s a good option.

4. Other items

Other items you may need include: semi-large containers for mixing the glitter and gel , spoons for mixing the glitter gel, towels for cleanup and catching any falling glitter while painting, a hairdryer to speed up the drying process!

Overall this is like one huge human arts and crafts project and it’s really fun, but make sure you’re ready to find glitter in the shoot location and on your equipment for months to come!

Here are some of my favorite photos from my shoot! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and if you do your own glitter shoot, let me know because I would LOVE to see how it came out!

Thistle and Spire Ladies Night

Last weekend I was so lucky to be part of Thistle and Spire's ladies night. It was centered all around body positivity and celebrating beauty! We all spoke about our journeys to love ourselves and our bodies. Being surrounded by these strong and beautiful women and hearing all these stories really struck something inside of me. Everyone has things they love about their body, but also they all have their own insecurities! Everyone has either been through or is still on a journey of self love and acceptance.

To any ladies who are insecure about their bodies, you're not alone! We are our own worst critics, it's true. However, it's likely that others don't even see those "issues" that we see. It's so important that we, as women, embrace our bodies and understand how beautiful, powerful, and incredible we are!

Anyway, after we all got to know each other a little bit, we had our photoshoot which was also really fun! Here are some of my favorite photos from the event:

A little more about Thistle and Spire, it's a lingerie brand based in New York City. They have really cute stuff and, more importantly, two incredible women running everything (they were also the ones who hosted this incredible event!)

All the lingerie seen in these photos are from Thistle and Spire, click the button below to see their website!

My First Art Show

This past week was crazy. All in one week: I came back from traveling and shooting in California (can't wait to post photos!), I was part of an art show, and I also started my senior year in college.  I haven't had much time to update my blog for the past few weeks, but now I finally found some time to do so!! Last week I was so fortunate to be part of an Art Show in Times Square!! This was my first show and I was really excited because I had a chance to meet some incredible local artists from NYC and network with some really cool people completely outside of my usual circle.

 Getting everything ready for the show was a little hectic to be honest since I didn't really know what I was doing, and there wasn't much information that I could find on the internet about it. Soon I'll be writing up a blog post about how I got ready for the event, what I needed to do to put it all together, and other new knowledge that I acquired so that nobody gets a little stressed out like I did!

For now, here's me and my art :)

P.S. If you'd like to attend or participate in an art show similar to this one contact me here, there may be another one coming in October :)